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  • During the worship service the Pastor forgives sins, in the stead of God. If God is omnipresent and or where two or three are gathered, isn’t God there?

    • Tom, yes we have the promise from Jesus that where two or three are gathered he is there with us (Matt 18:20) and we also know that God is everywhere (Ps 139). Therefore, when the pastor or any Christian speaks the word of forgiveness to another they are simply acting as a mouthpiece of God himself, to make the speech of God a living reality in the ears of the listener. Any follower of Jesus who is part of the Body of Christ can and should do this act of speaking forgiveness, however, Christians have for the sake of good order tried to designate certain persons to do this regularly on behalf of the community.

      Does that make sense?

      On the Way of Jesus,

      • Sorry I haven’t got back with you. I didn’t know that I had to look back on this website. Just email me your commits. Is acting as a mouthpiece of God, to make the speech of God a living reality to the listener, Biblical, when the listener already believes that their sins are forgiven, per God’s word? Is the speaking more meaningful to those believers who’s faith may be a little weak and not really sure that their sins are forgiven?

  • ” W O w ” What a “GREAT” job on the Newsletter!!!!! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Some very hard work I know with lots of combined effort. I’m lovin it! Thank You ALL ever so much. Folks without a Computer, WELL, they need one, sometime.

  • My Uncle Rev David Meyer mentioned recently that his father (or family) may have been charter members there. Is there any way to see a list of your charter members ? Thanks Tom Hall

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