The Disciple Garden of St Luke’s

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God’s creation started with a garden as he created our beautiful world and dwelled within “The Garden of Eden” (Gen 2:8). But humans destroyed this garden by refusing to produce the good fruit of justice, mercy, and love (Isa 5:1-7; Luke 20:9-18). God then began his new creation when Jesus was buried in a garden (John 19:41) and then was seen by Mary as a gardener after he was raised from the dead (John 20:11-16). Jesus’s new garden creation is about bringing new life and healing to the world by fundamentally changing the way we think and live. This is done by becoming disciples (students and apprentices) of the Way of Jesus—leaving behind the madness of the world’s ways and entering into a new life of obedience to Jesus’s teachings (Matt 28:16-20).

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St Luke’s Lutheran Church, in the heart of Kansas City, KS, has been a community participating in this work of new creation and disciple-making since 1900. We are a humble community of around 80 members, but the power of God’s love works great things among us.

  • St Luke’s is a diverse and Jesus-centered family who strives to love and take care of all of her members in the way that Jesus has loved us (John 13:34-35).
  • St Luke’s welcomes any and all to learn about the liberating and life-changing Way of Jesus.
  • St Luke’s provides love and nurture in the Way of Jesus for neighborhood youth through Sunday school, after-school & sports programs, and Vacation Bible School.
  • St Luke’s and her members provide hospitality (housing, food, shower & laundry facilities, medical vouchers, and other emergency assistance) to families and individuals experiencing homelessness and need.
  • St Luke’s partners with and hosts Metro Lutheran Ministry which provides emergency services (food pantry, utility assistance, etc.) as well as case management to those in need.
  • St Luke’s partners with and hosts Riverview Health Services which provides a safety net of medical assistance and healthcare education to those in need.

Wanting to expand and deepen this beautiful work of new creation, St Luke’s has now acquired 32 acres (3200 & 3201 N 10th Street) in the heart of an impoverished neighborhood in KCK to develop “The Disciple Garden of St Luke’s.”

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“The Disciple Garden of St Luke’s” is going to be a place of life-changing learning and education, where we will become and make disciples of Jesus in an immersive and hands-on way. We will do this by deeply connecting to God’s creation, embodying hospitable compassion, and living in community with each other.

●  Creation:
God’s land will be the foundation of this whole development. We will be caretakers of this green space, using it as a place for escaping the endless concrete of the city and finding a quiet space for prayer, learning, and reflection. It will be a place in the midst of a “food desert” where we will cultivate a “food forest” that will teach us how to live in harmony with God’s creation while relying on his daily provision.


●  Compassion:
We will build a compassion-center in this green space which will be a hub for relationship building, hospitality, and education. This center will be a place where we will cultivate a life of compassion and love for those around us.


●  Community:
We will build a village around the compassion-center which will include permanent residences for members of St Luke’s, spaces for retreat, and spaces of hospitality for those in need. This village will be focused on creating a “new monastic” community of disciples that is devoted to Jesus’s teachings, a common-life, sharing of food, and prayer (Acts 2:42).




Once it is established, “The Disciple Garden of St Luke’s” will be a self-sustaining community…but we need your partnership today in helping us raise $550,000. This may seem intimidating, but so did feeding 5,000 people out in the wilderness with only five loaves of bread and two fish (Luke 9:12-17). Nothing is impossible for our God and faith in him can move mountains (Matt 17:20, 19:26).

We hope that we can model a different way of being the community of Jesus and making disciples in the abandoned and neglected places of the inner city. Please partner with us in this exciting work!

How can you participate?

  • Pray for the heavenly Father’s guidance and provision.
  • Give a donation.
  • Spread the word of this project and encourage others to support it.

Two Ways to Donate…


  • You may opt to either send a check by mail or you may direct your bank to send the check via online bill pay to the address listed below.
  • St Luke’s Lutheran Church
    722 Reynolds Ave
    Kansas City, KS 66101


  • You may select to donate securely online using DWOLLA. Clicking on the Donate button below will take you to the official DWOLLA donation site.


#FF0000 Raised $131,223 towards the $550,000 target.