2 thoughts on ““Take Nothing for the Journey” | Mark 6:1-29

  • Hey Luke –

    Hope all is well with you and Julie! I listened to your sermon. I actually know a young man who is living this passage. His only vice has been a bicycle and backpack with toothbrush, etc. to travel around. He has been in this state for several years. He has typically given up the bicycle when he felt Called to move on to another area.

    I found that constantly he was utilizing someone else’s resources (i.e. I bought him food, shelter, etc. at his request, place to launder clothes) in his quest to live according to this passage. Although his Biblical knowledge was extensive, and his passion to share the Gospel on his journey was commendable, he almost came across as mentally unstable. (Of course, he might be.)

    How do you foresee this journey being taken without utilizing the resources of others?

    I hope your Call to St Luke’s has been fulfilling for you, and you’ve been able to serve in a healthy church community.

    Have a blessed day!

    • Hey Tony!

      Thanks for sharing about that young man. I think the very point is that the journey will in fact be undertaken utilizing the hospitality of others. I am not sure looking at things as “someone else’s resources” is a helpful because Jesus sees his Father as owning everything. Jesus sees it all as belonging to God and therefore no one person can say something it is really “theirs.” So the disciples of Jesus are told to go out, relying on God’s care and his resources as it comes through others. It is important to continue looking at what is next though, as we just did this weekend: the feeding of the 5000. The disciples were going out receiving the help of others, but now they are the ones doing the giving and helping. I think this brings the appropriate balance to what living in the Kingdom of God looks like: receiving AND giving. Both in trust of God’s provision and both fully and completely.

      Does that make sense?

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